Time Gets Away

Wow. Where does time go?

Another successful deer hunt in the books. Everyone will have a little meat for their freezer.

The weather has changed. I think winter is here to stay. It’s pretty but dang I hate winter driving.

I have returned to my first love – volleyball. It feels good to be back together again. Timing might be a little off but everything seems to come back quick. I have great muscle memory.

Work is ridiculous which seems to be my norm. I’ll be adding to my team in a few weeks. I can’t wait.

I’m getting ready to host thanksgiving again this year. It will be a full house.

I’m also back to my adjunct faculty gig. Never a dull moment here.

Who has time to take a vacation? Or sleep? Not this girl. Instead I just enjoy some quiet time in a tree stand in the woods.


Yesterday I sat at a local coffee spot for the afternoon to get some work done. I had not planned to be there quite as long as I was but nonetheless it was a productive afternoon. As I was heading for home I was recalling what was in my refrigerator and considering what I might drum up for supper. In all honesty, I wasn’t feeling all that ambitious.

I decided while enroute that I’d be better off just stopping for a bite along the way. As a result I ended up at my favorite local establishment, Northern Cowboy Flame & Brew. I timed it perfectly. I got a spot at the bar in front of the TV as the Gopher Women’s Volleyball team was warming up for their home match against Nebraska.

I love sports but I especially love college sports. Volleyball and hockey are two favorite followed closely by softball. I tried to get tickets to see a game this season but finding 2-4 tickets sitting together (for any home game) proved more difficult than I thought.

I was excited to get to watch the entire match on tv. I was bummed when they lost the first set. I caught myself yelling at them on the screen a few times. They comeback in true maroon and gold style. They won the match 3-1. It was a mix of emotions.

I had a nice visit with the two ladies behind the bar. I was excited to see that the brisket finally made the menu as a stand-alone item. I enjoyed some good food and some good volleyball.


For the past five or six weeks I have been waking up in the middle of the night. The times have been inconsistent. Sometimes I roll over and go back to sleep but often not. Tonight has been the worst so far. I have been awake for 2.5 hours so far this round and this is the second time I’ve been awake tonight. It is getting frustrating.

To date, I have not had to turn on a light or do anything to get back to sleep. Tonight is different. I’ve been on social media, read the news, played cards, and still nothing – wide awake.

Subconsciously I think it is related to news I got yesterday that is weighing on my mind. Nothing stressful but I’m a logical, analyzing, thinker and I think my brain is trying to get wrapped around an idea and it won’t let go.

So the thought is – how do you trust your body and equipment 150 meters below the water’s surface? It’s a thought I can’t grasp. I’m also trying to get my head around that distance. Holy crap, that’s a long way down! I am an adventurous person but I like calculated risk and when something lacks applied logic (in my mind) it just doesn’t make sense to me.

My alarm is going to go off in a few minutes and my day will start. Pretty sure after my volunteer stint at church is over I’ll be returning home for a nap. I hope the weather is lousy today. I’d hate to miss out on an opportunity to do something productive outside.


I was contacted two weeks ago by some former colleagues at a community college about doing some adjunct work for them this spring. I have taught for them before so I have an existing relationship with the school. The last time I was contacted an instructor was retiring and they wanted me to assume one of her classes. It was October and it gave me only a few months to develop the entire course. Luckily I taught that one a few times so it paid off. Fast forward to 2018. I’m having deja vu as the conversation was much the same. Another instructor retiring and they are replacing with 3-4 adjunct instructors. This time I’ve been offered a new class. That means back to the drawing board for me. I have about 60 days to get it pulled together. Yikes! I am up for the challenge!


In my last post I talked about the adventure of moving hay bales. A weekend that could have spent packing sand for a patio project turned into helping a neighbor instead. This weekend I was pretty confident I would get to packing sand but again it evaded me. The weather was fairly nasty Friday night and Saturday it was gray, overcast and humid. I’m the hope that things would clear off after lunch I headed to my mother-in-law’s after my workout to say hi and check on the status of her project. My husband’s aunts and uncle came down to help replace her patio door.

Well, her project went sideways and I got sidetracked. While she was aware that water was getting in places that it shouldn’t there was much more damage than initially realized. We ended up pulling up a bunch of the floor and re-insulating and replacing boards. The good news is it was discovered. The bad news is we didn’t get to start actually installing the new door until about 7pm. Nothing ever goes as planned, that’s a fact of life. The installation didn’t go well and we ended up securing it for the night and going to bed.

Sunday we went at it again and discovered that whomever added on the addition to the home she’d bought didn’t do a fabulous job. The porch had settled and the wall now ran down hill that we were attempting to put the door in. The original door didn’t come out well. We knew things were off kilter a bit but it was really off – about 3/4″ gap on one end. I called in a family favor and we got a second opinion. The decision was made to secure it but not permanently to allow us to circle back next weekend and jack up and reinforce the corner that is sagging to prevent further, long-term issues. Not only did I not get to pack sand for my project we may have just discovered that we need another weekend to finish getting her’s right. Geez.

Hay Bales

This past week my neighbor injured himself and had to have back surgery. It was unexpected and unplanned. There are a lot of things bad about the timing of this – he is a stone mason in the middle of a very large project, they recently bought into the family farm, raise cattle and its baling season, and he has three, young, energetic boys. Not only is this my neighbor, these are my friends, like family. My brother from another mother so to speak. He learned his trade as an apprentice with my dad.

Now flashback many years ago to when my dad used to help his friends on weekends with hogs and cattle, corn and soybeans. His brother from another mother. My mom was a nurse at the hospital so we were often with my dad on weekends. As a kid I spent a lot of time on the farm, riding in the tractor and playing in the hay loft. Those were the days of walking alongside the trailer throwing bales on and stacking as you go.

In farming you don’t get to decide timing and schedule. You follow the seasons and we are in the season of moving and stacking bales and getting ready for fall and winter. Some are doing a second cutting.

This past weekend we had gorgeous weather. We visited with our neighbors and decided that with nothing of our own pressing it would be a good time to move bales and so Sunday afternoon was spent moving hay. I had two trucks with trailers attached. My dad on one end loading and my friend’s wife on the other end unloading and stacking. It was like old times! My dad and I loading hay. I got to crawl up on the wagon a few times to adjust tie downs. I don’t remember repelling down the straps being that much fun though. It didn’t dawn on me until I was headed over with the first load that I haven’t backed up a trailer in probably the last 15 years. Good news, it comes back quick!

Even though I didn’t get a single thing done at home, and I’m allergic to grass, I had a blast! My neighbors are grateful for the help. I’m happy it’s done and off their list of things to do. I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture.

Friends, family or whatever…when someone needs a hand, lend one! Giving – it does the body good. #PayItForward

Hot Chocolate

The Tuesday after Labor Day feels like the unofficial start to fall. Kids are back to school, the high temp is in the 70s all week and it started with a cold, rainy morning. I really wanted to wear an orange top to work today but it didn’t offer enough layering for adjusting to office temperatures. Guess that will have to wait until another day.

In our house we get one more thing around this time of year, fall allergies. They can beat up on us pretty bad. While I enjoyed two nights back to back of brewery patio music it was also a lot of fresh air to take in. For my son it’s football games and bonfire season. By Monday we were both miserable and sat around all day. It makes going back to work or school really hard when you have a Kleenex box in tow.

I made it thru the day with my stuffy head but immediately returned home (with my Kleenex box) for a nap. I was surprised when I woke to find that it is still day light outside. Today would be a great day to be waited on – hmm, that’s not going to happen. So I lay here thinking about what is quick and easy for supper. Instant oatmeal? Mac-n-cheese? Cereal? I guess I could be somewhat healthy and make chicken noodle soup. Yet it all sounds like work. I know one thing for sure, the Keurig has water in it and there is hot chocolate to be made! Enjoy supper. Fall is here!