New Hire Fish Fry

I failed to mention that I work from home two days per week because we haven’t officially moved yet. Since I am a manager level employee in a people facing role I hung a flyer on my door called “I’d like to introduce myself”. It contained a bunch of get to know me stuff and pictures. I have used this tool before as a way to get to know people in a more personal level. 

This morning at the office as I was greeted by a coworker who asked me about my love for fishing. I do indeed love to fish. I was informed that he hosts a fish fry at the office for new hires. Not my typical get to know you lunch but I was intrigued. They have it on site. You don’t have to bring anything. Just have to RSVP so he knows how many will be there. Later that morning I, along with several other new employees, received an email invitation to this event. 

Unfortunately, it is a day I work from home and will not be able to attend. But I have been promised that I can stay on the list for a future event. I will look forward to that opportunity!

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