Going Solo

This title fits several moments this week. I went solo to a recognition banquet on Wednesday. I was required to attend for work. My husband spent some solo time in a vehicle today while driving several hours to pick up a dump trailer from a friend. Lastly, today was my son’s first solo trip to the new house. It’s a 3.5+ hour drive one way. He only missed one turn. It just happened to be the second to the last turn. 

Tonight was the first night we were all at the new house at the same time since the construction went above ground. I think that created some relief for my teenager. My son doesn’t handle change well and although we have been talking about this move for close to three years, today it really resonated with him that this is really happening. 

I think I scared him a little when I asked if he had been in the ditch, the grass or the woods. “Tick season has started.”  There was a look of sheer panic on his face. I think he was impressed with grandpa’s new ride/toy.  Grandpa even let him drive it. 

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