Bring It On

The weather is so fickle in Minnesota and it never ceases to amaze me. I broke out the flip flops about a week ago and today we were back to mittens. It snowed. Literally in a matter of a week it can go from 80 degrees to 20 degrees. 

Because of my crazy, ridiculous schedule right now I often miss the news forecast or the opportunity to read the news online. Sometimes I get caught off guard as was the case yesterday. I prepared to walk out the door for work when I realized that the deck was white, my car was covered in ice and it was sleeting/snowing. 

Because of all my years as the parent of a baseball player I have learned to leave my winter coat in my car until about July, complete with hat and mittens. Whew!

While visually it is beautiful, this time a year it makes everything a totally mushy mess! Gravel roads become slip-n-slide for cars. The ground is soft so be careful in heels. When you leave the building watch the first step. 

For now I think I’ll continue to keep both the mittens and the galoshes in the car. Bring it on!

Author: smalltownlivingbigcitylife

The perfect blend of city and country.

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