My son has a ‘glitch’ in his head. Sometimes his thoughts loop around. We often rehash old conversations. I have learned over the years there are things he can’t let go of and when the loop starts he will go “there”. I have learned to sit and listen, keep a neutral look on my face, and don’t answer the questions (they are rhetorical). After about 45 minutes to an hour he will get exhausted and walk away or drop it. Consistency is key. I have repeated myself so many times now that I’m an expert on the responses. I try not to add new thoughts because they will come back later, often twisted. I think they call that selective hearing. 

When you have a child with challenges, consistency and continuity are very important. Life is in a constant state of change right now and I can tell. It has disrupted my house. The meltdowns are more frequent and the drama has increased. There is a heightened level of stress on everyone. I most certainly roll with the punches better than most people and when it comes to my kid I pick my battles. 

It is hard as a parents to see your child in a state of distress especially when they can’t see the forest through the trees. I often think “I hope someday he can look back on this and see…”

In the midst of this craziness I’m working on addressing graduation invites. We have something to look forward to as long as nothing catastrophic happens in the next three weeks.  

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. For the most part I stand by my decisions and thank God every day for the village that has helped me raise my child. I hope he knows that even in the darkest moments I will always want what’s best for him and he will always be first. 


Author: smalltownlivingbigcitylife

The perfect blend of city and country.

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