End of an Era

The past two weeks have kind of been a blur. We went from baccalaureate to graduation to party to move. This past weekend we celebrated my son’s recent milestone and then simultaneously said goodbyes. Tonight was his last high school baseball game and tomorrow we pull out of the driveway for the last time. 

Four generations in the same school system. Four generations grew up in this town. It will be weird to look in the rear view mirror and realize this is no longer home for us. 

New adventures await. Our home is completed. We can go back to all living under one roof together again (for better or worse). Last night my husband asked if I was ready? Not sure you can really prepare for some of life’s adjustments, you just make them as you go. 

Each goodbye is different. Some you know you will see soon, others you aren’t as sure. Sometimes you don’t realize how much a person has touched your life until that final goodbye, that moment of reflection. Likewise, I don’t often think about the lives I’ve touched. Apparently there are many. Many kind words of thanks have come to me in the past week. I had no idea. 

So I sit here with the mattress on the floor thinking back on all the moments and memories. We have been preparing for this day for almost three years. It is finally here. So is all the emotion that goes along with this massive change. 

See ya later.

Author: smalltownlivingbigcitylife

The perfect blend of city and country.

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