Still Climbing

We knew there was lots to do after the move and we weren’t wrong. The weather needed to cooperate and it sure has had its moments. We are within feet of finishing the outside of the fireplace. Of course we have a go all the around the part above the roof yet. It is a bit challenging. 

I made the comment the other day that by the end of the summer I should be in the best shape of my life or the worst shape of my life. So far things are going well. I might not be as strong as I was 30 years ago but I am a heck of a lot smarter. 

We have two more projects yet to complete this summer. No small feat. The other ones won’t be as vertically challenging. 

We made a commitment to 2 years of stay-cations to make up for this investment but I think I will really need one after this summer!

We had some rainouts. One was last weekend. We took the opportunity to clean the garage and bring more boxes in to put away. Then we got busy with stone work again and they are still sitting in my living room. Oh well. There will be more rainy days. 

Tomorrow it is back up the scaffolding I go…maybe next time I’ll take a picture of the view!  

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The perfect blend of city and country.

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