Screeching Halt 

We were on a roll. Over the last week we finished up the stone on the fireplace, shot and staked out the shop, dug and placed footings, and backfilled. Whew! Today we had two extra sets of hands, it was sunny and mid-70s. The kids were washing down the stone and the adults we backfilling. 

Then came the rain. First, a sprinkle. It was refreshing. We were all digging in and getting our tasks done. Then about the third time the raindrops seemed much colder and we commented to each other. Looking back, that was our sign. 

The sky unleashed. Not a downpour but a monsoon. We all ran for cover. Luckily I had left my car parked outside and the garage door was open. I had planned for a grilling a feast and feeding my help. I had the table set up already. Instead we stood there and stared at the muddy mess. I got out snacks. We pulled out the chairs. The forecast was fantastic. We thought it would quickly pass. We were wrong. Our weekend projects came to a screeching halt. Too much water…everywhere. 

Everyone left. I took a nap. In a way it was a blessing in disguise. We have been going mock 90 working day and night. We have a deadline to meet. But I was exhausted. My floor got swept. I cleaned the washing machine. I wiped out the sinks. It’s the little things that get passed over when we are busy, just trying to keep everything moving forward. Tonight, I seem to have hit the pause button. Yes, we have a lot to accomplish in the next 7 weeks. Not sure how but I have faith it will all come together. Until then – Maybe I will clean my house and do laundry, or maybe play piano.  Or both. 

Author: smalltownlivingbigcitylife

The perfect blend of city and country.

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