Down To Business

Earlier in the summer, when the evenings were longer and we had more daylight, I had the opportunity to cook supper almost every night. Most of the time it was on the grill. Now that the days are getting shorter we have been working well past dusk leaving supper to wait until we finish for the night. I liked the old system. It’s hard on the body to eat supper an hour before bed no matter how simple you make it. I also haven’t had time to prepare meals because I’m rushing home after work to tak advantage of the daylight as quickly as possible. 

Well, it rained today. As a result I spent over 2.5 hours in the kitchen doing meal prep. At least for this next week I don’t have to worry about lunches or supper. The fridge is stocked with homemade meals. I feel accomplished. 

No Place Like Home

So a couple of weeks ago I had some appointments back in my hometown. I scheduled a bunch of things and made a day of it, down and back. It’s between 7.5-8.0 hours on the road. It felt weird. This time I wasn’t commuting and going home for the weekend, and I wasn’t moving a carload of stuff. Being down there just for the day, I was ready to get home. The north central part of the state is my home now. 

I came to realize this summer that they just can’t grow sweet corn up here like they do in southern MN so I brought my cooler along on the trip. When I returned I had it filled with Anderson sweet corn and Zanz cheese chilitos.  You can’t find anything close to them up here and there are some things you just have to have once in a while. 

Over Labor Day my Sis and Bro-in-law visited. It gave us an excuse to take a break from our project and venture out. It was a fun night. Had some good food, drank some good beer, and listened to some good music. I definitely need to get out more!

Mother Nature, Please…

So we started the home build project 10 weeks late thanks to the appraiser. We recovered. The shop project started almost a year late for the same reason. Then it rained. Then it rained some more. The next thing you know you have had more than 12″ in 3 weeks. After 4 weeks of no action we finally got concrete poured, block laid and walls assembled to go up. There it sits. Today it rained. We have puddles everywhere and a soggy, muddy mess. I can hear the thunder going again so we will be getting more overnight and into tomorrow. It makes it very hard to get anything accomplished outside. I would like the sun to shine.