Can’t Fight Mother Nature

A few weeks ago we had a celebratory moment when we got all the walls up on the new shop. Lots of late nights, late dinners, dirt and grime. That moment of pride and happiness was wiped away a few hours later when 80 mph winds came threw the area and brought the entire project to the ground. A few neighbors suffered damage to barns, buildings and trailers but mostly uprooted trees and a huge amount of standing water. 

Devasted. That’s the only way to describe the continual set backs and heartache we have felt with this project but after a few days of mourning we rallied the troops. We have fantastic friends. They are the ones who will clear their schedule and drive 3-4 hours (one way) for a weekend to lend a hand. We would do the same for them in a moments notice. There was a short moment where we didn’t think it would happen. We got 4 straight days of rain and showers and everything was a muddy mess. We warned everyone that rain boots would need to be on the packing list. 

In 48 hours we had it completely back to where we left off and a whole lot further. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, food came too. The only thing I made all weekend was a stack of pancakes. We provided a cooler of water, Gatorade and beer on ice. It was great to see everyone. There were lots of sore muscles and a strong feeling of accomplishment. 

Author: smalltownlivingbigcitylife

The perfect blend of city and country.

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