Change Is Hard

We had a plan to move for about three years. We have now lived here for five months. Yet I have not started working on establishing new health care providers. We changed banks before the move but that was easy. They had branches in both towns. Doctors and dentists are a little tougher. Plus we really only need them 1-2 times per year. I haven’t been motivated to do anything about it. So we kept our exiting providers. It also gives us an excuse to go back home once in a while. Today was one of those days for me.

The cool part is we are just beyond small business Saturday. I had a list of all my favorite places to stop at today. I was back home a few weeks ago and did the same thing. We are stocked up. I stopped at Schmidt’s Meat Market twice today. Once on the way down (I brought a cooler) and once on the way back (made it before close). I stopped at Friesen’s Bakery and picked up some bacon cheddar buns and some yummy Spokato soup. I also had lunch with a friend today at Olives Restaurant – one of the best independent, family-owned in the area.

The weather was fantastic for the drive down. I am hoping for some mild weather spurts this winter so I can make another visit.

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