Old is New

I was reading a story on Facebook recently. My cousin was talking about a magic potion she used to get her daughter’s soccer pants clean. It was Grandma’s Spot Remover. It’s been around a while. I bought mine at a fabric store. It got a red Starburst melted candy out of a bite denim jacket for me once. The stuff is amazing. The post started a conversation around other laundry challenges.

I recall recently having a conversation with a coworker on this same topic. I mentioned the soap I used to use to clean my son’s baseball pants. I will never understand why little league programs issue white pants. I think it’s to see if parents are made of the right stuff to raise an athlete. Anyway I told my coworker about Fels Naptha bar soap. “Never heard of it” she said. Most people haven’t. I was told about it in the early baseball years from another mom. This was her third child in baseball. She already had a baseball and softball player and she swore by this stuff.

For the next ten years I carried around a bar of that soap with me in a plastic container with a lid. It went to every game and tournament with me. I can remember a few times being in a hotel laundry room with it – rubbing it down the pant legs of ten pair of pants before throwing them in the washing machine. Our kids looked so good. White pants on Sunday.

Now, to the old part. According to FrugalSOS “els-Naptha soap has stood the test of time. It has been around for over 100 years.  It was in the Fels family until 1964 when it was sold to Purex. It used to come in not only bar  form, but in liquid, granule and chips form (Gentle Fels, Instant Fels, Speedy Fels) as well. It’s manufactured by Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. It now has the Purex logo on the packaging. It’s often over-looked in the laundry aisle. But once you see the vintage looking label, you’ll easily recognize it.”

The best part is you can buy a bar of this for under $1.00. I only went through 2 bars in the 10 years of little league, traveling and high school baseball. It was worth it! Now I’m sure I could have found something eventually that works equally as good but a friend saved me the trouble. Besides, who can argue with 100 years?!

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