I’m not sure how many of my readers know about the FISH! Philosophy. JGI. I have had the opportunity to work for an employer that used this in their training. I have watched the video. I have also been to an employee engagement seminar based around this concept. Lastly, I have actually been to spike Place Fish in Seattle. 

There are four elements to this philosophy: Be There (emotionally present). Play (be creative, enthusiastic and have fun). Make Their Day (serve or delight people in a meaningful, memorable way). Choose Your Attitude (take responsibility for how you respond to what life throws at you). 

I feel like on many days this is my mantra. I don’t understand the ugliness of continuous negativity or pessimism. I don’t like when people try to rub that off on me and would like to avoid it at all costs. Yuk!  Pity party, no way! However, as we all know, in life sometimes we don’t get to choose. Sometimes we just can’t avoid being around it. For that I say – coping mechanism!  Anyone got any good ones?  

On a positive note I attended the high school Pops Concert last night. Wow. There is a lot of talent in those kids. It was a fun night. The goodbyes are starting. We are only a few short weeks for the final move. Happy Times!


Well it’s official. There is a sold sign in my yard. We are only a few weeks out from an official move. Yikes!

I just have to say that I love my realtor. I have used the same guy three times, as a buyer and as a seller, in the worst economy and the best. He has always had my best interest at heart. 

I was absolutely shocked to get a full price offer on my house without it even going on the market. I know the market is hot but WOW! Additionally, I was very nervous about the price point he was proposing because it was significantly over what I thought it was worth. I get it – different economic times, but it’s also that – I’m not the realtor. I had lived in this town my entire life and while I have a general sense of the economy I don’t know houses. That’s not my job. That’s why I hire a realtor. If you are going to buy or sell a home, get a good one! 

My guy is working in the town he grew up in. He is well versed, well trained, well researched. Even though I was nervous about the proposed price point (and he knew it) I told him that I would trust his recommendation. Now, I couldn’t be happier with that decision. 

If you want a house in this market right now you better be pre-approved and get yourself a realtor who know this market! Call my guy – I highly recommend it. It’s about more than just a sign in your yard.  


You know the saying ‘between a rock and a hard place’. Well sometimes you can really get pinched. This week I feel pretty pinched. I have really good perspective, a positive outlook, and I can move on from things pretty easily. However, sometimes those around me have a tougher time doing that and I can get stuck in the middle. 

Alone time can help. Sometimes that’s tough for an extrovert but it gives me perspective. Tomorrow is a new day. It is my responsibility to have a good day!


My son has a ‘glitch’ in his head. Sometimes his thoughts loop around. We often rehash old conversations. I have learned over the years there are things he can’t let go of and when the loop starts he will go “there”. I have learned to sit and listen, keep a neutral look on my face, and don’t answer the questions (they are rhetorical). After about 45 minutes to an hour he will get exhausted and walk away or drop it. Consistency is key. I have repeated myself so many times now that I’m an expert on the responses. I try not to add new thoughts because they will come back later, often twisted. I think they call that selective hearing. 

When you have a child with challenges, consistency and continuity are very important. Life is in a constant state of change right now and I can tell. It has disrupted my house. The meltdowns are more frequent and the drama has increased. There is a heightened level of stress on everyone. I most certainly roll with the punches better than most people and when it comes to my kid I pick my battles. 

It is hard as a parents to see your child in a state of distress especially when they can’t see the forest through the trees. I often think “I hope someday he can look back on this and see…”

In the midst of this craziness I’m working on addressing graduation invites. We have something to look forward to as long as nothing catastrophic happens in the next three weeks.  

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. For the most part I stand by my decisions and thank God every day for the village that has helped me raise my child. I hope he knows that even in the darkest moments I will always want what’s best for him and he will always be first. 


Bring It On

The weather is so fickle in Minnesota and it never ceases to amaze me. I broke out the flip flops about a week ago and today we were back to mittens. It snowed. Literally in a matter of a week it can go from 80 degrees to 20 degrees. 

Because of my crazy, ridiculous schedule right now I often miss the news forecast or the opportunity to read the news online. Sometimes I get caught off guard as was the case yesterday. I prepared to walk out the door for work when I realized that the deck was white, my car was covered in ice and it was sleeting/snowing. 

Because of all my years as the parent of a baseball player I have learned to leave my winter coat in my car until about July, complete with hat and mittens. Whew!

While visually it is beautiful, this time a year it makes everything a totally mushy mess! Gravel roads become slip-n-slide for cars. The ground is soft so be careful in heels. When you leave the building watch the first step. 

For now I think I’ll continue to keep both the mittens and the galoshes in the car. Bring it on!

Big City Nights

It is Saturday night which means my radio is tuned to House of Hair with Dee Snider. It Reminds me and of some serious big hair days, going dancing at the bars, and jamming in the car. I love 80s hair band music. 

The weather was beautiful today. My husband and I went for a walk after supper. When we got back we opened up the windows on the house for some fresh air. That only lasted until one of our neighbors started burning garbage, or something stinky, with their campfire. We have a fairly decent sized yard but we live in a circle so you can always be downwind of someone. The windows on the front of the house were shut. 

Outside you can hear the sounds of the city – motorcycles, semi trucks and trains all rolling through town. I can see activity in the neighbors yard. People were out grilling today.

It’s citywide cleanup next week. People were putting their junk out on the curb. We put out a few pieces of furniture that we didn’t want to move. The city was busy with people driving around and scavenging through curbside junk. Our first item was gone before my husband got in the house. They say that one mans junk is another mans treasure. That proves true for two weeks each spring. 

The sun has set. The traffic has since minimized. The quiet noises of the city rumble in the background. It’s a familiar sound. It will be missed.