Big City Nights

It is Saturday night which means my radio is tuned to House of Hair with Dee Snider. It Reminds me and of some serious big hair days, going dancing at the bars, and jamming in the car. I love 80s hair band music. 

The weather was beautiful today. My husband and I went for a walk after supper. When we got back we opened up the windows on the house for some fresh air. That only lasted until one of our neighbors started burning garbage, or something stinky, with their campfire. We have a fairly decent sized yard but we live in a circle so you can always be downwind of someone. The windows on the front of the house were shut. 

Outside you can hear the sounds of the city – motorcycles, semi trucks and trains all rolling through town. I can see activity in the neighbors yard. People were out grilling today.

It’s citywide cleanup next week. People were putting their junk out on the curb. We put out a few pieces of furniture that we didn’t want to move. The city was busy with people driving around and scavenging through curbside junk. Our first item was gone before my husband got in the house. They say that one mans junk is another mans treasure. That proves true for two weeks each spring. 

The sun has set. The traffic has since minimized. The quiet noises of the city rumble in the background. It’s a familiar sound. It will be missed. 

Burning The Candle At Both Ends

The last couple of days have been very hectic. Actually, that word is probably a little light. I left home late Sunday night after 24 hours in the ‘city’ house doing home improvement projects. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked all day and then went immediately to the ‘country’ house to work some more. The push was on this week to finish the stone on the fireplace so the contractor could stay on schedule and get the flooring laid. It was close to midnight before I went to bed the first two nights.  We finished up last night just after 9 pm. I rolled back into town at 1 am this morning. Over the next few days I will work, do laundry, clean and pack, go to baseball games and do it all over again. I can feel the exhaustion setting in. The last hour of my drive last night was grueling. I will need to eat well and go for a walk today to maintain the energy level. It’s gray and cloudy outside. It would be nice if the sun would shine. 

I have heard it said that there is a cost for progress. No doubt that is true but it is often difficult to quantify. I love my city, the city I grew up in. Right now I just don’t have the time or energy to enjoy anything in it. Over these next few weeks I have a few lunch dates with friends. I will visit some of my favorite food joints but really that’s about it. 

On a positive note I won’t have to list my house. My realtor sold it for the full asking price already. Nice! Sometimes you just gotta roll with it and this time I earned a full strike!

This too shall pass

Ugh. What a week. This past week I was away from home Wednesday to Saturday for work and more. Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday was spent with my dad, husband and son, laying stone for the fireplace. One seriously massive project. It is Sunday and I am home Playing handyman, finishing home improvement project and doing final cleaning so my home can go on the market. My sister was a saint and did some cleaning and packing for me while I was gone last week. Progress is being made. 

Today the boys should teach the ceiling on the inside of the fireplace. Hopefully they can start the hearth. We need to try to finish by tomorrow so the builder can get back in the space and lay flooring. We will move to the outside this week and begin the outside of the fireplace. 

I finished up in the basement today. It’s as clean and organized as it is going to get for now. I ran across town for a few supplies. Now I will finish the main level, pack and head north for a few days of work. 

If you have ever gone through the sale of a home you know that it is a massive amount of work. As I sat down for a few minutes to have a sandwich and pen this note I can feel the stress weighing on me. Today it is absolutely gorgeous outside and I have no time to enjoy it. This stuff has to get finished today. I keep telling myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the only thing keeping me sane right now. 

I guess it is time to turn up the radio and get back to my projects otherwise I’ll be up all night. 

Going Solo

This title fits several moments this week. I went solo to a recognition banquet on Wednesday. I was required to attend for work. My husband spent some solo time in a vehicle today while driving several hours to pick up a dump trailer from a friend. Lastly, today was my son’s first solo trip to the new house. It’s a 3.5+ hour drive one way. He only missed one turn. It just happened to be the second to the last turn. 

Tonight was the first night we were all at the new house at the same time since the construction went above ground. I think that created some relief for my teenager. My son doesn’t handle change well and although we have been talking about this move for close to three years, today it really resonated with him that this is really happening. 

I think I scared him a little when I asked if he had been in the ditch, the grass or the woods. “Tick season has started.”  There was a look of sheer panic on his face. I think he was impressed with grandpa’s new ride/toy.  Grandpa even let him drive it. 

The 5 am Alarm

So my alarm clock is set to go off in 5 hours so I can make the trek north and finish out my week at the office. I was fortunate to be able to catch some baseball while in town. Tonight was a home game. A tough rival. Our boys pulled out the win in extra innings. 

Baseball is a love of mine. Not the major leagues per we, although I enjoy my share of those games too, but town ball, youth baseball, traveling baseball…those I really love. There are really only three things I need to enjoy myself – flip flops, sunflower seeds and my camera. I don’t sit down much. I usually shoot 200-300 pix per game. Right now I’m trying to pull enough together for senior gifts later in the season. I’m on a mission. 

We are struggling to find a town team for my son for the summer. Here in the city there are several teams at each age level and every area town pretty much has a team. Up north you might have one team for every five towns. They are hard to find. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will find a team to land on this summer. For him it is the love of the sport and the ability to make friends and meet new people. For me – well I need to work on that flip flop tan. 

Virtual Office

Until I move I have the luxury (or curse) of working from home two days a week. Today was one of those days. On a positive note I can work in my sweatpants and don’t have to shower or do my hair. I had the TV cable disconnected which greatly minimizes distractions. I stay pretty focused with just the radio playing in the background. 

Today is looked like my office threw up in my living room. There were papers and binders everywhere. I have a massive project I am trying to get wrapped up before returning to my brick and mortar office. Also today I was able to have lunch with a friend of mine – we went for sushi! It was a short lunch but enjoyable nonetheless. I even got dressed and did my hair. Ha!

One final luxury – Caribou Coffee. I got some before I came home. That was a treat!  You wouldn’t think either of those were a big deal but I know how far both of them will be from me when I move so I am enjoying them while I can. There are some aspects of the big city that will be a bit harder to live without. 

Tomorrow I have one more day from the living room office before heading to the north woods. The house here should be ready to list this weekend after a good cleaning. We got the trailer packed from floor to ceiling yesterday. It was secured and safely delivered today. I will also be able to attend my son’s baseball game tomorrow, weather permitting. It is sad to see this chapter coming to an end but a new one awaits.