Creature of Habit

If you have never taken a personality test you should think about it. They are fascinating. Because I work in the human behavior industry I have taken several and I know my natural tendencies pretty well. I like organization. I dislike fly by the seat of my pants. I am a creature of habit. 

Today I was set on making Rueben Chicken. My problem was that although I knew the ingredients by memory I needed the recipe for the order of them and the baking instructions. I could not find it. In my mind I was visualizing the location and I was positive where I thought it was but it was nowhere to be found. Thank goodness for Pinterest. 

Over the years I have learned to be more flexible and open to possibilities. I prefer to think of it as “plan for the worst and hope for the best”. That doesn’t mean that uncertainty and change don’t cause me some amount of stress. I just roll with the punches a little better. 

The weather was lousy today so I made good use of my time in the kitchen. AND It turns out that I could have made that dish from memory after all. 

Stand Tall

I am sure you can relate to this statement. “There are days when you can really feel the stress on your body.”

I am working hard at drinking more water and less coffee on a daily basis. I also set a goal of 10,000 steps at least three days a week. Sometimes that goal is challenging because my day job is primarily sedentary. After a few months into my new job I got a standing work surface. I had the same one at my previous company and loved it. My struggle has been that I get so busy at my computer or coming and going from meetings that I forget to put it up…and I am feeling the effects. 

Stress comes in all forms. I often operate at a high rate of speed. Demands for my time and attention have me juggling many balls in the air at once. I’m just hoping I don’t drop one. Friday is got in a few holes of golf. I was “checked out” for a short period of time. I felt rejuvenated. Today, not so much. I feel it in my neck and shoulders. It’s pulling hard. I am doing my best to stand up straight and tall and have to remind myself often.  I’d hate to get to a place when I can’t weather the storm. 

Screeching HaltĀ 

We were on a roll. Over the last week we finished up the stone on the fireplace, shot and staked out the shop, dug and placed footings, and backfilled. Whew! Today we had two extra sets of hands, it was sunny and mid-70s. The kids were washing down the stone and the adults we backfilling. 

Then came the rain. First, a sprinkle. It was refreshing. We were all digging in and getting our tasks done. Then about the third time the raindrops seemed much colder and we commented to each other. Looking back, that was our sign. 

The sky unleashed. Not a downpour but a monsoon. We all ran for cover. Luckily I had left my car parked outside and the garage door was open. I had planned for a grilling a feast and feeding my help. I had the table set up already. Instead we stood there and stared at the muddy mess. I got out snacks. We pulled out the chairs. The forecast was fantastic. We thought it would quickly pass. We were wrong. Our weekend projects came to a screeching halt. Too much water…everywhere. 

Everyone left. I took a nap. In a way it was a blessing in disguise. We have been going mock 90 working day and night. We have a deadline to meet. But I was exhausted. My floor got swept. I cleaned the washing machine. I wiped out the sinks. It’s the little things that get passed over when we are busy, just trying to keep everything moving forward. Tonight, I seem to have hit the pause button. Yes, we have a lot to accomplish in the next 7 weeks. Not sure how but I have faith it will all come together. Until then – Maybe I will clean my house and do laundry, or maybe play piano.  Or both. 

An Expensive Date Night

My husband and I have an exciting, no, an interesting, life. Most “date nights” consist of a trip to Menards (or Lowes, Home Depot, Fleet Farm, etc; you get the idea). As we approach the top of the chimney (we are above the roof), we are getting ready to begin the next project – a 40’x60’x14′ man cave. Since we were supposed to start the project last fall (why we didn’t is a long story) we have many of the building materials purchased and on site already. Well, except for a couple big items – trusses, siding and roofing materials. 

We have made three trips to Menards over the past 48 hours. Wow! That was expensive and we didn’t get it all! We laugh about it in real time. Friday night or Saturday night, we usually have the place to ourselves. We wander the aisles. We are often in their longer than we need to be. Sometimes before supper but usually after. So while other couples are bowling, at the movies or having a cocktail at the brewery, we are hanging at our favorite big box store. 

I love our life. Crazy, but good. I’m hoping after these major construction projects are over that landscaping will feel like a cake walk. 

Oh, I should mention that dinner was almost free due to a gift card from my realtor thanking me for my business. Thank goodness after what we spent this weekend!

Still Climbing

We knew there was lots to do after the move and we weren’t wrong. The weather needed to cooperate and it sure has had its moments. We are within feet of finishing the outside of the fireplace. Of course we have a go all the around the part above the roof yet. It is a bit challenging. 

I made the comment the other day that by the end of the summer I should be in the best shape of my life or the worst shape of my life. So far things are going well. I might not be as strong as I was 30 years ago but I am a heck of a lot smarter. 

We have two more projects yet to complete this summer. No small feat. The other ones won’t be as vertically challenging. 

We made a commitment to 2 years of stay-cations to make up for this investment but I think I will really need one after this summer!

We had some rainouts. One was last weekend. We took the opportunity to clean the garage and bring more boxes in to put away. Then we got busy with stone work again and they are still sitting in my living room. Oh well. There will be more rainy days. 

Tomorrow it is back up the scaffolding I go…maybe next time I’ll take a picture of the view!  

Pause for Reflection

We are just over a week into our new home. I’m here by myself right now and it is quiet so I’m pausing to think back over the past week. 

First, oh holy crap! What a whirlwind. We had three days to set up bedrooms, bathrooms and the start of our kitchen. Over the past week it has been unpack, clean, put away, clean and continuous loads of laundry. 

By Sunday there was a nagging feeling to cook a real meal – not meal prep frozen dinner and not a lunch meat sandwich. It is so nice to cook a real meal in my own home after two months of back and forth on the road! 

The first weekend we made a several hundred dollar trip to the big box home improvement store and a several hundred dollar trip to the grocery store. It takes a lot of resources to get back up and running as an established household. Enough of that nonsense. 

This week was mostly work outside after work followed by another weekend of unpacking and cleaning. 

Lastly, it’s nice to go home after work and stay home. I am not missing the commute. I also get to see my husband every day. That is highly unusual in our world and a welcomed change. 

Living and loving life!

End of an Era

The past two weeks have kind of been a blur. We went from baccalaureate to graduation to party to move. This past weekend we celebrated my son’s recent milestone and then simultaneously said goodbyes. Tonight was his last high school baseball game and tomorrow we pull out of the driveway for the last time. 

Four generations in the same school system. Four generations grew up in this town. It will be weird to look in the rear view mirror and realize this is no longer home for us. 

New adventures await. Our home is completed. We can go back to all living under one roof together again (for better or worse). Last night my husband asked if I was ready? Not sure you can really prepare for some of life’s adjustments, you just make them as you go. 

Each goodbye is different. Some you know you will see soon, others you aren’t as sure. Sometimes you don’t realize how much a person has touched your life until that final goodbye, that moment of reflection. Likewise, I don’t often think about the lives I’ve touched. Apparently there are many. Many kind words of thanks have come to me in the past week. I had no idea. 

So I sit here with the mattress on the floor thinking back on all the moments and memories. We have been preparing for this day for almost three years. It is finally here. So is all the emotion that goes along with this massive change. 

See ya later.