Living the Dream

This morning’s post begged Mother Nature to knock it off with the crazy weather. I ran to town late morning to drop off my recycling, wash my car and get coffee. It was crazy in town! Lots of cars and lots of people. (Weather kept them off the lake til after lunch) I decided it was best to lay low at home for the afternoon given the chaos.

Fast forward to 6pm. I had been looking forward to listing to a local group play at the brewery. Thus, I ventured back into town. The weather is gorgeous tonight. Patrons spill out onto the deck and the sidewalk. Locals being lawn chairs and pull up a seat in the street. Having a cold one and enjoying both the music and the scene.

This is what makes living in a tourist town worth it. Never mind the cussing earlier about the traffic – cars and pedestrians everywhere slowing things down. Now I want it to slow down – enjoy the weather, the food, the beer and the people watching.

I could use a few more days like this…but as time flies, tomorrow is Labor Day. The official end of summer.

Living Life

Small town living is different than the city life I lived for more than 40 years. First, when you want to go “out” you should plan on 30-60 minutes just for driving. Everything is spread out in small towns around lakes.

I’m used to a lively night life and you can always find something to do. Here is takes more effort to find things and you have to plan ahead. That being said there are many upsides – like the food and entertainment in the summer. I had a local draft brew with my pail of steamed muscles and crusty bread (for dipping my in the garlic butter sauce). Now I’m sitting on a bench enjoying live music outside the brewery.

Because we have such a high influx of tourists in the summer there is a lot of randomness – dancing in the street, couples on park benches enjoying ice cream, classic cars in the streets, shops and boutiques that close whenever the last customer steps out and that might be an hour later than what the sign says.

Loving the new pace of life!

Say Cheese

Yesterday included one of those activities I really dread, having my picture taken. It’s a small town so the photographer’s studio was three towns over, about a 30 minute drive. On the way over and back I was trying to make mental notes about locations of things I might want to research or check out later. The ladies at the office made a point to say that this town has a Walmart (which I interpreted as “it is large enough to have a…”). A theme I have noted as I drive north and back home every week is that every other town seems to have a Dairy Queen. Down here every other town has a McDonalds. I guess you are a big town if you have both. 

The studio was on Main Street. It is a cute area. In addition to the studio, they have a hardware store, a shoe store, a gift store, a cafe, a pizza place, a bank, a formal wear store and a jewelry store all on the main drag. It was like a step back in time. You have to cross the railroad tracks to get there. Kind of makes you wonder if you were to get stopped for a train would you just pull over and do some shopping? 

The lady at the studio was very nice and professional. After I was done I explored about a four block radius and hit the McDonalds drive through for some coffee before returning to the office. 

I still didn’t like my picture very much but I never do.